Joggers in strong form at the London Marathon

Newmarket joggers had 11 runners take part in the historic London marathon. Denys Olefir came in with his amazing time of 2.34.59, making him the 151st runner over the finish line. There were over 37000 runners this year so all the joggers, some first timers and other more experienced marathoners came home with some fabulous times to go with their medals. Paul Holley came in with 2.55.56, Chris Gay, 2.55.56, Alice Leadbetter, 4.40.14, Jackie Hall, 4.24.34, Jason Beeton, 3.28.26, Alex Cairns, 3.09.25, Robin Clifford, 2.47.31, Kevin Connolly, 3.20.55, Robert Jaina, 4.45.06 and Martyn Taylor, 3.00.54.