Newmarket Joggers 30th Anniversary Party

On Sunday 20th July the Newmarket Joggers met  to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their 1st recorded committee meeting.

A social gathering at the excellent Ellesmere Centre in Stetchworth, seemed to go down well assisted by an excellent Hog Roast from Pauline Millbank. A Junior Trophy presentation was the focus of the afternoon, but not before the guests hand/eye coordination hand been tested by some egg throwing games!

Tommy “Smiler” Smith and Geoff Sales, two or the founder members, were there to enjoy the day and share some memories and photographs of past glories.

Numerous key people in key roles have had a huge impact on the evolving success of the Newmarket Joggers over the last 30 years and we are immensely grateful to them all. The current membership are certainly doing a great job in taking the Joggers onwards and upwards.