Training Sessions

Tuesday and Thursday training routes will be published at the beginning of each month.

It is only safe and good practice to NOT run on a training night if you are returning from injury or sickness. Building fitness and condition should be taken at a steady pace, and the training nights may not always offer the best format/environment by which to do so. Please contact either of the Club Captains for advice on how best to do this.

Meet at Newmarket Leisure Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.20pm.

NJ Schedule Oct- DEc 2017




Torch Run Directions


New members

We welcome people to come along to a training session before joining the Club. We have several ability groups on a training night but they are not suitable for complete beginners. We run a great beginners’ course every January to help people start on their running journey, or we can offer advice on how to get started, so hopefully in time you may be able to join us.
If you consider you are not a beginner, please indicate below how best sums up your running ability before attending a session. We will then be in touch to advise which session and what group might be the best one to try. We kindly ask that you do not turn up without completing this and having a conversation with us first.

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Next Training Session

21 11 2017
Distance: Bury Rd efforts. Technical: Track

23 11 2017
Distance: Bury Rd - Welly Pub - St Johns Ave - Crockfords Rd - Avenue. Technical: Track

28 11 2017
Distance: Centre Drive - Top of the hill efforts. Technical: Track

30 11 2017
Distance:Scaltback - Hamilton Rd - Centre Drive - Meadow Lane - Duchess Drive. Technical: Track

05 12 2017
Distance: 5k Handicap. Technical: Track

07 12 2017
Distance: Exning - Ducks Lane, Studlands - Yellow Brick Lane - Smilers Hill. Technical: Track

12 12 2017
Distance: Out Back. Technical: Track

14 12 2017
Distance: Clock Tower - Welly Pub - Centre Drive - Ashley Rd - Avenue. Technical: Track

19 12 2017
Distance: Smilers Hill. Technical: Track

21 12 2017
Distance ! - Jingle Jog. Technical: Track


Each meet point to be decided on the evening depending on the training groups/weather conditions.

Please follow the links below for full details of all the routes used on the training runs. During the winter runs and darker evenings ALL runners must wear Hi-Vis vests or jackets.


Boys Grave Map
Broad GreenDirections
Bury Road Efforts run
Bury Rd, Granby St & Crockfords Avenue run
Devils Dyke Map
Exning & Studlands Run
Golden Gates Map
Golf Course map
Hamilton Hill Efforts Map
Landwade Map
New Wellington Route Clockwise Run
New Wellington Route Clockwise & Centre Drive Avenue
New Wellington Route – Anti-Clockwise
Side Hill Map
Smilers Hill Efforts
Snailwell Exning Run map
Stetchworth XC map

Stetchworth 4 mile route

Stetchworth 7 mile and 4.3 mile routes
Studland & Yellow Brick Rd
Woodditton – Duchess Drive Run